Friday, March 2, 2012

Snazzy Spinach and Fruit Smoothie

Spinach and kale are some of the most nutrient dense foods around. The trick is getting children and adults to eat more of them. Well, problem solved. Try adding 2 cups of kale or spinach with a blender full of fruit this weekend. It won't change the flavor, only increase the nutritional boost. Can you say hellooo fiber, vitamin A, C, E, iron, and calcium?! What a great way to start any day or refuel with a midday snack. 

Kids of course could care less about the nutritional value of this snazzy smoothie. Usually, the easy to eat and oh so sweet sells it to them. If not, tell them it's the Incredible Hulk Smoothie, or another favorite green superhero and they are bound to drink up. 

Spinach and Fruit Smoothie

2 cups spinach leaves
1 cup frozen mango chunks
1 pear or apple, cored
1 cup frozen cherries or frozen grapes
1 cup non-dairy milk

1. Add all ingredients into blender, starting with most coarse fruit and liquid. Blend on high speed until thoroughly mixed. Pour into individual glasses and drink up!

*Note, the smoothie fruit can be so versatile. Toss in those unbelievably ripe fruits, or whatever you have on hand.

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  1. I've been tossing spinach into all of the smoothies I make at home, cannot taste it one bit! My blender isn't every great so my trick is to blend the spinach with some liquid (juice or milk) first before adding any fruit. That insures it gets finely blended. I'm ok if I get a chunk of banana; but not a spinach stem.