Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fruity Watermelon Frosty

It's the middle of June with a midweek day off. Time to lay out, read, and work on those tan lines, right?! Nope. That lasted a whopping 15 minutes...who's idea was it to surround a pool with concrete slab buildings, minimal shade, and the parking garage?? Not exactly refreshing. I did however plan ahead toting this frosty along with me: 1. Helped beat the heat, 2. Used up all this darn watermelon. Note to self: when Dan travels do not buy a whole watermelon to consume solo. It's just so hard for me to pass up great prices on seasonal fruit, but I'm not the biggest watermelon fan. This melon was better than most. Only because I learned a trick: buy one that has the yellow, flat patch. This means it wasn't touched during the ripening process and should be extra tasty. 

Onward to the frosty, I only added a single serving fruit cup to the frozen watermelon and little bit of almond milk to use the maximum amount of watermelon. I was pleasantly surprised at how little I could taste the melon. Watermelon does indeed have a lot of water, so this is more like a frosty that will melt down into a slushy juice. Still delicious. If you want a thicker, smoothie-like consistency, add starchier fruit like a banana or a pear. 

Watermelon Frosty
makes ~1-2 servings

2 1/2 cups cubed frozen watermelon
1/2 cup single serving mixed fruit, with juice
~1/4-1/2 cup almond milk
dash of lime juice

1. In a blender, blend watermelon with liquid first. If you don't have a high speed blender, defrost the watermelon a bit. Also, when freezing the melon, dice or chop to create smaller pieces.
2. Add any other fruit of choice and dash of lime juice (helps zest up the flavors).

Enjoy on a hot summer's day!

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