Thursday, July 26, 2012

Collard Wraps...Bonus: How to Make Fail-Proof Wraps!

Typically, wraps are all about what's inside. I suggest going against social norm because, it's the outside that counts too. Only in the case of the collard wraps. Dark green leafy vegetables are easily some of the most nutrient dense foods around, and collard greens are no different. They are brimming with vitamins (A, C, K mostly), minerals (calcium, iron, potassium), and fiber. We're talking 10% of your calcium intake in just 2 cups chopped, or about 1 large leaf. Incredible.

A collard wrap is one of the easiest ways to get in your dark green veggies without having to think about it too much. Stuff it with whatever you'd like...cooked grains and tofu, taco/burrito fillings, or sandwich stuffers.

I was so inspired by the flexibility of the collard leaf that it inspired me to rap for you all:

I've got this wrap, snug in my hand,
the collard leaf is a perfect band.
Fat and filled with goodies,
makes me wanna hide it with hoodie.
See, this wrap is all mine,
and if you want one that's fine,
but I'm too busy eating
that the thought of making you one was fleeting.

Don't worry, it sounds even better while this Minnesota girl bobs her head to the beat. :)

But seriously, the collard leaf works SOOO much better than romaine or other lettuce leaves. It's durable with plenty of room to pack in the veggies. Even if you don't want veggies in it, you can rest assured that you're still getting your greens.
Just look how pretty!
Collard Wraps
makes 4 hearty wraps

4 large collard leaves, most of thick stem removed (see pictures for details)
2 cups cooked brown rice, Israeli couscous, or other grain cooked in vegetable broth
1 16oz block tofu, drained and skillet cooked with red wine vinegar, cracked peppercorn
2 onions, sliced, diced, and caramelized

Assemble wrap as follows (behold the photo frenzy):
Step 1: Place large collard leaf on plate and cut out thickest part of stem.
Step 2. Place all the goodies inside.
Step 3: Fold one side into the middle.
Step 4: Fold "butt" end up, so you have what looks like a quarter of a circle.
Step 5: Bring last side into middle tightly and hold w/toothpick if desired.

This is the taco version I made...unbelievably tasty. After I demolished it, I was thinking you could do a double decker taco with one layer the collard leaf and the other as the whole grain tortilla. I sprinkled baked tortilla chips and vegan queso...mouthwatering deliciousness.


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