Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Give yourself a break!

We're constantly pushing to lose 5 pounds, get stronger, stay lean...do this, do that. Stop it! Give yourself a break, even if just for a day and I'll tell you why...

This past week, I had the pleasure of counseling the sweetest, most adorable 80 year old who was motivated to lose about 20 pounds. During our session, it hit me. Here she was, such an accomplished woman both professionally and personally but felt like a failure simply because her weight, a number really, wasn't where she wanted it to be. This woman moved, did water aerobics, walked, danced, the whole shebang. She already lost 5 pounds on her own. This would deserve huge affirmations for a lot of my patients, but some of us need to be reminded about how far we've come, and revel in that.

The yoga studio I frequent doesn't have mirrors. It's the most fabulous thing. And can you for a second just think about what it would be like if your home didn't have mirrors, or a scale? Mirrors and scales invite judgement and scrutiny. Our vocal inner critic lights up and screams that we 'look fat' or aren't 'enough' of something. We start analyzing and stop feeling. With mirrors, the tendency is for the brain to start focusing on what it 'thinks' we should look like. Our health is so much more than what we look like; it's more about what we feel like.

Do you feel amazing with where you are right now? Cause guess what, start doing intense workouts today and physical results will still take time. Yet, if you begin to bring your awareness to a positive thought, you will feel better about your body today. Repeat any of the following in your head, "I am strong."               "I am beautiful."            "I am a super hero." 
Use whatever postive statement you want here, just give yourself that break.

Like my patient mentioned, she will never have a six pack at 80 years old. She won't stop trying though. In the mean time, she's using the phrase "Let Lucy be Lucy" and learning to love who and where she is. :)
(Note: name has been changed for privacy, so maybe use your name here too!)

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