Monday, March 25, 2013

Have extra basil? 3 ideas

Today I bought an enormous bag of basil from the farmer's market (yes, I know it's easy to grow) and immediately felt overwhelmed. I should have taken a picture because this bag could have started a pillow fight. Ahh, hindsight.

If you anticipate buying buko basil anytime soon, come back and use these ideas!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Are Weekends Sabotaging Your Health/Weight Loss Goals?

Ever get that hankering for something naughty? The food equivalent of a lacy set of matching bras and panties. (Which, BTW’s, we’re all wearing, right? Time to toss the ugly bra’s ladies, because you just feel so much better when you’re wearing a decent one with a set of coordinating underroos. Splurge on five sets. One for each weekday. Go purple. Get on red. It’s worth every penny. Just sayin.

So, "the hankering" happened to me the weekend before last. I was standing in the kitchen after yoga, humming away sun salutations, when I realized I needed carrot cake and I needed it stat. I had a mini piece the night before at a friend's but got distracted doing yoga with the kiddos that I never really finished it (Dan did). Something about not finishing dessert screamed I need another hit, stat. I made a half batch, ate my piece, and handed out the rest to neighbors and co-workers.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Juicing: One Dietitian's Take

Juicing has really taken off, but before you spend a fortune on a fancy juicing machine, make sure you're aware of the potential health risks and benefits.