Friday, May 31, 2013

Wedding Season Nutrition Tips!

With Memorial Day just behind us, that means wedding season has officially begun. Similarly to the holiday season, wedding season can be another time of the year that high fat, unhealthier options sneak into our lives. True love is a continuing to eat a high fiber, plant-based diet that keeps you feeling and looking marvelous.

Here are my top 5 to-do's when heading to see the "I do's:"

1. Drink a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks and 1 big glass of water before consuming your meal. Calorie containing beverages provide the calories without the fill factor. By increasing the volume (more water), we will fill up faster leaving less room for the unhealthy options.

2. Decide the specific point when you are content after slowly chewing and eating. Not full and not starving still. Sometimes it helps to talk in between bites. Bottom line, with all that food around, it can be easy to continue grazing and turn the reception into one long 6 hour meal with caloric beverages to boot.

3. If there's a buffet, that makes it easier to fiber fill your plate. Remember the plate method by filling half of your plate with the non-starchy vegetables, one quarter protein (preferably a bean/legume base), one quarter your starch/bread/pasta/etc.

4. By human nature, we like options. When there are an overwhelming number of options in terms of flavor, color, or size, we are wired to think we need to try one of everything. We don't. So, peruse the dessert or appetizer table completely, identify a couple of your favorites, then make a conscious choice on which ONE you'd like. Or, swap bite size pieces with friends and others at your table. I'd also recommend nonching down on fruit to satisfy the sweet tooth if the desserts aren't drop dead amazing to you.

5. Dance the night away. It keeps you moving and burns calories. If you don't like or want to dance, drink more water so you'll be taking more walks to the bathroom. :)


  1. Great ideas.
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