Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why aren't you hungry at breakfast?

Imagine you've planned a summer road trip to one of your favorite spots.

Question: when would you fill the gas tank of your car? Before you start your trip or after you get there?
Am I really serious? What a stupid question. Everybody knows you “fill ‘er up” before you start.

Another Question

OK, that one was pretty easy. Now try this one.
If food is to your body what gasoline is to your car, when would you want to eat the most food? In the evening before going to bed or in the morning when you get up?

In case you’re not sure, the correct answer is: in the morning.

That’s the Reason

It’s a common American custom to eat the biggest meal at the end of the day, often followed by a snack before going to bed. That results in food being digested throughout most of the night, which eliminates the hunger for breakfast.

What to Do

So if you want to be hungry for breakfast, try doing two things:
  1. Lighten up your supper so it digests before you go to bed. Two examples of a light supper include a raw veggie salad with fat-free dressing or tacos sans cheese and sour cream. The idea is eating a small amount of food that is not loaded with fat as fat takes a long time to digest.
  2. Don’t eat anything after you finish your dinner if going to bed within 3 hours.

An Added Bonus: You’ll sleep much better.

Try it and let me know what you think!

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