Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BEST Portable Plant Protein

I’ve come to the place where if I don't get a cup of beans a day for my fiber-rich source of protein, I start searching for them. And since I love to cook, I’m totally into fixing beans in as many delicious ways as I can. Which reminds me, I need to post more bean-lovin' recipes!

The problem comes when I travel: it’s hard to get beans at most restaurants.


Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame.

For those who don’t know, edamame refers to young green soybeans. These have been dry roasted and lightly salted so they’re crunchy. You can find these at health food stores and Sam’s Club in bulk. Other brands are out there too.

I put ½ cup portions in snack-size baggies and put several in my suitcase and one in my purse. They don’t need refrigeration and aren’t heavy to carry around.

I sprinkle them on salads, add them to pasta dishes and eat them as a side. Every ½ cup portion gives me a whooping 28 grams of protein and 16 grams of fiber for only 260 calories. Cool beans! (literally!)

An added bonus if you’re concerned about this sort of thing: they’re non-GMO.

If you aren't traveling anytime soon, you can still enjoy these beans as a quick snack at work or in the car. If you give them a whirl, let me know what you think.

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