Tuesday, September 17, 2013

To Gain or Not to Gain...It's up to you!

As I was driving back from Atlanta yesterday, I was thrilled to see billboards for more than your typical interstate fare of McDonalds, Wendy's, and here in the south, Cracker Barrel. There were a ton of Moe's billboards! Moe's is one of my favorite burrito places. To be fair, Chipotle and Qdoba are my favorites too. Moe's is one notch above simply because protein rich tofu is available, but unfortunately locations aren't as ubiquitous (yet). 

Some people say the burrito joints popping up are just glorified fast food. Sure, they serve up quite a bit of sodium, but they also can offer good food at a reasonable price served quickly when eating on the run (or on the road as in my case). 

They are good places to eat if you want to gain weight. Which, I'm betting most people don't want. Ironically, they are also good places to eat if you don’t want to gain weight.  Let me illustrate with two burrito samples... 

I built Burrito 1 just adding foods from the serving line that had little or no fiber.  With Burrito 2, I only added foods that were rich in natural fiber.  Please note that not only does Burrito 2 have half the calories than Burrito 1, but it has 9 times more fiber and more food too!

Take a look...

Start replacing some low or no fiber foods with foods that are naturally rich in fiber. The calories consumed will decrease while increasing the plant powered fiber that helps keep you full and ward off disease. It’s how to enjoy places like Chipotle and still lose weight/feel great!

To gain or not to gain, when eating out…it’s up to you.

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