Thursday, November 7, 2013

3 Tips for Learning to LOVE vegetables

Can’t see yourself ever liking vegetables? Neither can a lot of Americans, honestly. The SAD (Standard American Diet) diet consists of doughnuts, sweet rolls, and refined grains along with high fat (dairy, meat, fried) foods. Then of course, a lot of times it's washed down with liquid candy (sweet tea, soda, kool-aid, etc)

Not surprisingly, American's average weight has ballooned from this type of diet. If you've tried to lose weight, only to gain more back, look at your vegetable intake. 

It might not be rainbow bridges and flying ponies at first...vegtables might taste bland, boring, or incredibly terrible to you. It's because you've been consuming SO much sugar/fat/salt and your body needs to adjust to foods that have more acceptable levels. So, if you're desperate to improve your health, stick with the non-starchy vegetables. 

Here's how...