Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chia-mon Toast - Peanut or Almond Butter Chia Seeded Cinnamon Toast

Lately, my favorite snack to energize me for the rest of the afternoon is a crisp juicy apple and chia-mon almond/peanut butter toast. Or I'll compliment the toast at breakfast with a refreshing smoothie to get a boost of fruit and vegetable filled antioxidants.
peanut butter on the left, almond butter on the right!
Whole grain goodness meets thick and creamy meets nutty nuggets of splendor...

Friday, March 21, 2014

5 Tips to Spring Clean your Diet!

Yesterday was the first day of spring and even if it doesn't feel like spring in some places (Florida friends, you are very lucky my dears), now is the perfect time to revamp your diet to help eat cleaner, lighter, and get summer read. You know you want to feel your best when the layers start coming off!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cultivating Mindful Eating and Forming Healthy Eating Habits

Mindful eating is a technique I use with any patient or client regardless of their specific health goals. The reason is this, mindful eating asks that you consciously and deliberately pay attention to the present the food tastes, smells, looks, or feels, and also the ambiance of your environment, and internal is this food making you feel? Does it make you think of a memory? Can you feel your body warming up or cooling down? The possibilities of what you may encounter are endless, but bringing your awareness there is the first step.
Eat Mindfully: tips at

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kitchen Sink Soup + Cheesy Croutons

I knew it was going to be colder in Atlanta than Florida. I mean, that was a given I could prepare for. What I did not prepare for was my utmost lack in desire to eat raw veggies. Usually, I'm a salad-a-day kind of gal. It's either a loaded and smothered salad, or at least on the side. But with the cold continuing to rear it's head at full force, I want warmth and comfort and "ahhhh.." So soup it is. And then again. And well there, what do you know? Again.

This post is intended to encourage you to make a creative "throw everything in" and call it good kind of soup that can be ready in 30 minutes. Yulp, that's it.

Obviously, it will taste different every time but as long as you follow the base guidelines, you're set to savor pure awesomeness and include more veggies in your wintery days. Who doesn't need a little more of that, right?? I'll include what I used, but then also at the bottom of the recipe you'll find other fabulous options. Bonus: don't forget the cheesy croutons which really turn your soup into something steamy and decadent.