Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cultivating Mindful Eating and Forming Healthy Eating Habits

Mindful eating is a technique I use with any patient or client regardless of their specific health goals. The reason is this, mindful eating asks that you consciously and deliberately pay attention to the present moment...how the food tastes, smells, looks, or feels, and also the ambiance of your environment, and internal sensations...how is this food making you feel? Does it make you think of a memory? Can you feel your body warming up or cooling down? The possibilities of what you may encounter are endless, but bringing your awareness there is the first step.
Eat Mindfully: tips at CamerinRoss.com
I encourage you for the next few days to simply stay aware at your meals. Once you've "labeled" any thoughts or sensations, notice habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. For example, many patients I know label foods as "good" or "bad." Foods are not good or bad, we've labeled them as such. Food is food, nourishment and some choices are better than others.
Acknowledge responses you may have to food (whether likes, dislikes, or neutral) without judgment. Any response you have is yours, own it and be aware of it. Also, as you bring your awareness into your eating patterns, accept that each eating experience is different and can change moment to moment (kids running around, phone interrupts a meal, etc). However, I promise you, if you continue to bring awareness into mealtime, you will not only recognize potentially unhealthy habits, but recognize that you have a choice. Just like you consciously choose to pay attention to how you feel and what you feel while you eat, you can change what you eat to illicate more favorable health choices that support you in whatever your health goals may be.

Any questions about mindful eating and how you can benefit? E-mail me: morgan@livepoweredbyplants.com
Nourish the body and feed the soul!

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