Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lose/Maintain Weight Without Feeling Hungry

When we eat plant powered foods (fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains) we're consuming a lot more water and fiber that provide the bulk to feel full with fewer calories. Plus, we're getting a boat load of nutrients and not so many chemicals. We can eat more AND lose or maintain weight. How awesome is that?!!

I believe eating healthy is a conscious choice we make everyday, every meal, every bite. You have the choice to pick real food over "food products." I'm convinced we all want to do what's best for our body, and the more convenient and simple it can be, the better.

So this post is designed to be deliberately simple...simply show you examples of foods that have similar calorie values. The pictures are not my own but rather part of the Full Plate Diet program that encourages 75% of your plate to be plant powered, high fiber foods. 
As you're going through the pictures, take note of the sheer volume of the plant food equivalents. ...granted, I'm not sure I'll ever eat 5 bananas in 1 day let alone 1 sitting, but it's a great visual to encourage you to eat more fruits and vegetables and if you do choose more food products, keep them to a minimum.

  1. A common slice of chocolate cake can have as many calories as 5 bananas.comparison of eating chocolate cake and bananas with calories
  2. A small to medium chocolate chip cookie has almost as many calories as 3 cups of peascomparison of eating chocolate chip cookie and peas with the same caloires
  3. The 44oz coke offered by popular fast food chains has as many calories as 61 large strawberriescomparison of drinking a 44oz coke to eating strawberries with the same calories
It’s a fact you need to decrease your calories to lose weight. Water content + fiber = winning health combination...think of adding fruits and vegetables into the foods you're already eating or carve out a spot for them on your plate. For example, if leafy greens aren't your thing, start with side salad at dinner and toss sliced strawberries and mandarin oranges in (as humans we're wired to like sweets). Beans are a bonus as they are about 60% water once cooked and are incredibly filling. Make a bean spread with garlic and lemon to spread onto your sandwiches.

As you can see, the beauty of plant powered foods is you can decrease calories while eating more food and nutrients. Start making the switch today! If you need help or want more suggestions, feel free to e-mail me at: morgan@livepoweredbyplants.com 

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  1. Nice list btw. I would like to add coconut. It contains MCT fats which provide energy and fill us up too.