Hey there, I'm Morgan. 

Registered dietitian, yogi in the making, runner, recipe developer, nutrition enthusiast, and active life lover who believes everyday should involve a big, bold cup of coffee. 

I’m a full-time clinical dietitian but prefer the preventative side of medicine. In a hospital setting a girl can only do so much. So, by night I come here to play and share my version of medicine, food. Anyone can reap the benefits of a plant based diet. If you're new to the meat-free thing, I'll walk you through delish meals and helpful nutrition tips. We'll learn the rest as we go. 

Kitchens are my chemistry labs, but with the loveliest components. The clean measuring cups are like flasks and test tubes, the spices like elements, and the stove like a Bunsen burner. Ok, maybe this is a stretch for some people, but I blame the scientificky love of food from my Chemistry minor. It doesn’t get any better than creating a beautiful, edible experiment! 

I'm totally on board with the eat locally, organically movement, but am far too budget-conscious to go that route exclusively. You'll find a lot of real food here that you can find regardless of where you shop. (Now, there's a thought!)

My transition to vegetarian and vegan eating was turtle slow, a lifetime in the making. As a child I had an aversion to meat, slowly eating less and less of it. By the time I was in college, I was learning to cook simple and inexpensive plant-based foods that had once seemed so foreign. In these first few years, the meals sort of, kind of stunk. So, promise me one thing....just because one meal doesn't turn out, don't throw in the towel on veggie friendly meals. Once you dive into the plant based world, it's amazing how many more flavor and texture combinations there are. I still strongly dislike raw tomatoes and if given the choice, would eat oatmeal at every meal. 

Knowledge is power. I'd take poring over health and nutrition related articles over TV any day. I have a MS in Applied Nutrition with a focus in Sports Nutrition from Northeastern University and a BS in Dietetics from the University of North Dakota. 

I've lived a little of here and there. Currently I'm new to Atlanta from a multi-year fabulous pit-stop in Tampa, Florida...just trying to breathe the fresh (mostly sticky and humid) air everyday and spread the nutrition love. 

Practice plant eating,

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