Eating isn't always so easy. The amount of food and nutrition information we are flooded with on a regular basis is unbelievable. So, how are you supposed to make healthy changes if choosing a meal can be confusing??
Maybe you're an athlete and you're not quite sure how to fuel yourself for optimal performance..."What do I eat before, during, and after exercise?" "What should I eat to avoid GI problems but increase endurance or muscular power?" "What's the best way to handle food allergies, diabetes, or other medical conditions with my sport or exercise?"

Maybe you're a busy person..."How am I supposed to wade through nutrition research to zero in on the truth when I hardly have time to make dinner?" "I eat out a lot for work. What should I choose to eat to lose weight?" 
Morgan is a Registered Dietitian that uses a 'real food with practical solutions' approach to nutrition counseling, regardless of your nutrition issue. Working with Morgan will involve engaging behavioral techniques to help you overcome difficulties making and maintaining healthful changes. Morgan will make a difference with meal plans, recipes, grocery shopping, food preparation, continued motivation, and support.

Ready to commit to a healthier you? You've come to the right place...
I'm a firm believer in providing affordable nutrition solutions and I'm always willing to work with you, trade services, etc. if cost is the objection. 

Initial Assessment (1 hour): Comprehensive 3 day diet history review and full nutrition assessment to help Morgan better understand your current eating patterns. Together, you will work on goal development and discuss recommendations to get started on a healthier path.
Follow-Up Assessment: Follow-up assessments to help further menu plan, track progress, or Morgan can analyze your favorite recipes.
Not in the Tampa Bay area? No problem! We can use e-mail, phone, or skype consultations to get you to your goals. 
Grocery Store Sessions: Let’s meet at your favorite grocery store and peruse the aisle looking at food labels and discussing healthy products. Bring your grocery list and we can discuss while we shop. Based on your preferences, menu and meal ideas will be provided. A great opportunity to ask about all those foods you see or want to know more about.
Dining with a Dietitian:  It’s a date! If you get overwhelmed at restaurants and need help making healthful decisions, join Morgan for a meal and learn new techniques to enjoy eating out while maintaining solid nutrition choices.
Home Nutrition Solutions:
-          Cooking Lessons – Open your home to a whole new culinary world. Great if you’re running out of meal ideas for your family or if your cooking skills amount to opening up boxes and cans. Includes planning, shopping, and cooking and based on preferences. 
-          Kitchen/Pantry Consultation – Personalized visit in which we will sift through your cupboards and fridge to see what’s working and what’s not in a nutritious lifestyle. Healthy pantry staples will be recommended along with considerations for your eating environment to encourage healthy habits.
-          Nutritious and Delicious Dinner Parties – Need a new party theme? How about a nutrition party? A variety of health topics can be presented while food sampling, providing a cooking demo, or cooking lessons for the group. Extremely fun and entertaining!
Trio – 1 Initial Consultation, 1 Follow-Up, 1 Grocery Store Session

Chat and Cook Combo – Cooking Lesson and 1 hour initial consultation

Keep It Going 10 Week Program - 1 Initial Consultation, 4 follow-ups scheduled every other week from initial visit

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Contact Morgan at: for details, pricing, or questions.

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